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My father's work carried us to Venezuela, Argentina, and Uruguay . My first hunting experience was acting  as my father’s retriever and “official” shell-loader in beautiful Venezuela. From there we ventured to Cordoba, Argentina and learned about polo ponies and later on to  Buenos Aires.We eventually ended up across the Rio de la Plata, Uruguay where I spent lots of my time learning about birds, air rifles, shotguns and training hunting dogs. Even today when I land at the international airport in Uruguay, I chuckle remembering that my father and I used to train his pointers on the same airstrip. At his side I learned the lessons that cannot be taught from a book. After returning to the United States, I attended high school in Macon, GA  and then the University of Georgia in Athens. Although I enjoyed my many days of hunting in Georgia, I always dreamed of one day sharing the amazing hunting experiences of my youth. This was the inspiration for building "The Roost". Some of the most fulfilling moments of my lifetime have been as an outfitter, in Argentina, sharing this passion with others.

My partner, Nestor Villarreal from Cordoba, has been a friend of mine for twenty years, and like myself grew up with a father who enjoyed hunting. Originally from Cordoba he spent a few years in Buenos Aires before returning home to Cordoba. Nestor has owned a gun store for fifteen years that sells items related to hunting and sport shooting . He started working at ANMaC (National Agency of Controlled Materials), formally RENAR (National weapons registry), until 1996. Since then, he has been a certified shooting instructor (ITB 1674). Since 2012 he has been the president of ANMaC. Nestor’s reputation and knowledge have made him one of the premier gun dealers in Argentina. I feel privileged to be associated with such a fine person.

Local Expertise

Unrivaled Service

  • 1,000`s of acres of prime cultivable farmland producing all main food groups enjoyed by dove/pigeons

  • January, February and March sunflower season

  • All 5 roosts and farmland scouted daily to insure high kill stand placements

  • Year-round, high-volume wing shooting, 1000+ shells guaranteed/hunt

  • All new shotguns (Beretta, Benelli, Franchi) cleaned daily

  • All new transportation vehicles

  • Great opportunities to practice on your most challenging shots

  • 1 bird boy per hunter. Loads shells, keeps count, picks up hulls/birds.

  • Professional bilingual outfitter and hospitable staff making you feel at home

  • 5 star accommodations in new lodge

  • Large double room, AC/Heat/fireplace with private bathroom

  • Open bar, free drinks and hors d'oeuvres

  • Gourmet prepared meals in house with Argentine wines

  • Argentine asado with select cuts of meats prepared in the field

  • We contribute to our community by employing locals and distributing surplus game to the needy

  • Walk in the dove roost meters from the lodge to see first hand dove reproduction at its best

" I always dreamed of sharing the amazing hunting experiences of my youth. This was the inspiration for “The Roost”. Some of the most fulfilling moments of my lifetime have been as an outfitter in Argentina, sharing this passion with others. "

John Wilson


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